don't say you love me
the fool
ok? ok!


1. don't say you love me

Verse One
Forget it, my old lover
Don't continue thinking and don't say it outloud
Time has passed by
There's not much love
Put the past back into your heart

Don't ask me who is wrong and who is right
Your love is in the midst of my memory
These few years I've gotten used to freedom
And there hasn't been too many worries
Now the past is just like a passing wind...

Don't say you love me anymore
Don't say you're thinking of me anymore
Between us now
We can only be friends
Cried too many tears
Waited in too many black nights
Now by myself
I don't want to ask about love (2x)

Don't ask me who I'm wronging
Your love is returning
These few years I've gotten used to freedom
And there hasn't been too many worries
Now it's over
Just like a gust of wind


6. circles

You make me feel so good...

Verse One
It's like waiting for a feeling
Actually we've created a circle...
All the foreign places
Still haven't changed...
I don't think you've realized
I have already opened up both my eyes
Every image that you speak of
Has me amazed...
I'm not worried that I don't know any of the languages here
I don't want to eat too much rich junk food
I don't anticipate for Mars to lean towards the left or the right
Doesn't matter how I fly
I will pass by this day...

The world is a circle
Open up your black eyes
I want to walk to where it is time to sleep
Love is a circle
We're all crowded inside
It's a little dizzying
But okay if you're by my side
Accompaning me
To watch the world...

Clon (Rap)
Check it check it right now, boogie up and boogie down
Funky funky baby all right move it move it honey all night (oh yeah, oh yeah you know)
Yo, it's part time!!

Verse Two
It's like waiting for a feeling
Actually we've created a circle...
We have already forgot a span of time
I've just recieved your e-mail
I don't think you've surpassed my _
It's no wonder that I feel
Happiness is coming out soon
I'm not worried
If I don't know all the languages of the world
I don't care
If I eat too much rich junk food
I don't attempt
If I'm leaning to lean to the right side
Don't want to fly like this
I will pass by this day...


7. passive

Verse One
I can not come into contact with you for a long time
How do I pass each day?
Letting myself be busy can be a good diversion
Missing you has caused me to become weak

I can learn to be warmer towards you
Why can't I learn to withdraw from you?
Facing you is my biggest difficulty
Which is why I still haven't told you...

The longer I love you the less I am able to move
Holding myself back from your love
It's you who are pushing my heart
Into a corner where you can't see it
The longer I love you the less I am able to move
Only my heart is hurt because of you
It is you who have made my heart lose its freedom
And I have no courage to let go... (2x)


8. the fool

Verse One
The places you've skated I'm skating at
The books you've read I'm reading daily
Wishing to be like you
Want to be like you
How did it become like this?
Loving a person too much...

When you're in London I'm here listening to the Beatles
You say you have the guts to yell at me and I can barely breathe
Wishing to be like you
Want to be like you
Love is crazy enough
That is the only way loneliness can be overcome

Chorus One
Don't say I'm foolish
I'm only pretending to by foolish
But I'm not afraid
Maybe I'm foolish
I don't care about jokes
A fool's power is great!

Verse Two
The shoes you've worn I've sprayed with perfume
The her you loved I am trying hard to imitate
Leaning close to you a little
Being a little cooler
An appetite
Will help this love...

After you just left I stand to write love stories
When you go to New York just walking into a restaurant is enough to make you full
So real, so lucky
So real, so truthful
Without you living here
Love is just an empty room

Chorus One

Chorus Two
Love came too fast
Don't want to retreat
You still don't understand
Hurry and say it
Don't fuss anymore
I want you to understand

Bridge One
Love me
Kiss me
From today on
I'm willing
To be your big fool

Chorus One

Chorus Two

Bridge Two
I'd like to know
I'd like to know
I'd like to know
Want to hear you say
That the one you love is me!


9. ok? ok!

Tarcy (Verse One)
You tell me if I'm not a weird person (Party party!)
When I'm walking I like to lean to the left side (Nonstop party!)
I eat a meal while drinking coffee (Party party!)
I talk about love with no emotion...

Richie (Rap)
Let me interrupt a second
What is going on with you now?
Your eyes going all over the place
Mei mei, what're you thinking of?
Oh! Because of heavy issue
You need to think clearly
Fate is still counted as life
It lets you ha ha, laugh loudly! Loudly!

DJ Jerry (Rap)
Yo! Big mistake, big mistake
Don't intrude on her space
Use gossip and say (aieyiyayiya)
Have to give her meaning (?)
Have to give her manners (??)
Wanting to love but afraid of being hurt!

Tarcy (Verse Two)
You don't need to follow me, no need to watch me
Don't try to fool me, wanting to change me
You don't have to but can say something
I don't want that little and I don't want that much
I'm happy easily and sad easily
Sometimes I'm so open and sometimes I'm silent
Even my usual moods need an explanation
I think you still don't understand me
The more I think of it, the more lonely I am
Love is like _
No heart is free
Whose fault is it?

You tell me if I'm an annoying person (Party party!)
When I drive I don't know how to use signals (Nonstop party!)
When I drink beer my tears cover my whole face (Party party!)
I love without sharing

Richie (Rap)
OK? OK! Ooh! I may talk about one thing
But it still doesn't show my ability
I'm actually quite _ and surprise myself
My friends all say I'm sick but I'm only a little crazy
My life's motto is
Today's things have to be accomplished today

DJ Jerry (Rap)
You've had enough!
Let me (uh uh) puke all over the floor
If I can say it
You're really number one
On your B.B. Call (which is a pager) there's a lot of sexy baby
So if you walk too much at night, be careful

Tarcy (Verse Two)
The more I think, the more lonely I am
Love is like a lonely flower
After the flower blooms
Whose fault is it?

Tarcy (Bridge)
You say if I'm a difficult person (Party party!)
If I ride a small jet I puke (Nonstop party!)
I can read one book for more than a year (Nonstop party!)
Two guys still isn't enough! Oh!


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