pienso en ti
ojos asi
octavo dia


1. pienso en ti

Everyday I think of you
I think a bit more of you
The deconstruction of my heart
Is destroying a little of me
Everyday I think of you
I think a bit more of you
Every time the sun comes out
I find something of value
So that I continue to be like this
I see you but didn't touch you
I pray for you every night
At dawn I think of you
It returns to my hearing -
The tic-toc of the clocks
I keep thinking of you
I keep thinking...


2. inevitable

It's a question of confession
I don't know how to prepare coffee
And I don't understand soccer
Perhaps I was once unfaithful
For I cannot even win at dice
And I don't even use a watch
And to be more frank
No one thinks of you as much as I do
It's all the same to you now.
I guess it's a question of confession
I no longer sleep before ten o'clock
I no longer bathe on Sundays
The truth is the same
I cry once a month
When everything is cold
With me, nothing is easy
You should know that;
You know me well
And with you, everything is quite boring

The sky is tired and you can see the rain fall
And everyday that passes is one more from yesterday
I cannot encounter a method to forget you
Because this is inevitable
I always say what is important
When speaking of the two [of us]
I start to become the same
And I assess the situation
Here everything is pathetic
But at least I am still breathing
You don't need to decide
You will not return;
I know you well
I'm going to look for what to do with myself


3. ojos asi

Yesterday I knew a sky without a sun and a man without a ground
A saint in prison and a sad song without an owner
Already, already, already
And I know your black eyes
Already, already, already
And now I cannot live without them

I ask the sky just for one wish
That in your eyes I can live
I've traveled the whole world
And I am coming to say to you
Vacationing from Bahrain to Beirut
I went from the North to the South Pole
And I've never encountered those eyes there
Like the ones that you have

Yesterday I passed a woman who came off of her camel
A river of salt, an abandoned boat in the desert
Already, already, already
And I already know your black eyes
Already, already, already
And now I cannot live without them


4. octavo dia

On the eighth day after God did much work to liberate tensions
And after revising he felt that everything was great
He took the hour to rest and he took a walk in a given place
Who can imagine God upon returning
Would encounter it all in an infernal disorder
And to convert one more unemployed individual
And with that rate annually growing without stopping
After all this who has seen him alone in the busy streets?
Walking and waiting paciently for someone
For someone who is quieter with whom he can converse with

Meanwhile the whole world is turning and turning
Without the ability to stop
And below here few control the lives of the rest
Like pawns on a chessboard
I am not in the class of idiots
That is controlled
But I speak the truth
I will until a blind man can see that heaven is visible
If he didn't have an occupation
Or excessive solitude,
God wouldn't resist more
And would march out to an outer location
It would be our eternal damnation
There is no other remedy
But to adore Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, or Tarzan
It is more difficult to be a king with a crown
Than a more normal person
Poor God doesn't leave word in magazines
That he is not a model or an artist or from a real family


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