so bad
thru it all
swing yout love to me
i don't wanna dance alone
make believe
crying game
get your hands off me
acapella segment
you brighten up my life
my angel
never leave your side


1. so bad

my recollection
i was lookin in my rearview reflection
you were at the stoplight headin the other direction
and from that very day you had my undivided attention

as i remember
my heart raced and i felt a change in pressure
then i turned around and i chased you down for that number
just another boy that i could call sometime
but i've got you on my speed dial cause you're heavy on my mind

so bad, why do i want you so bad?
being without you makes me so sad
don't wanna be without
well i'd like to get to know you well and
find out why i want you so bad

in my bedroom
i lay awake at night hopin to see you soon
though you're not even my type
i hope that you and i can get to know each other better
maybe we can find out why you're always on my mind

oo, you drive me crazy
i want you for my baby
why, why do i want you


2. thru it all

i used to think that lonely was what i'd always be
i used to lie awake at night afraid of facing my fear
but i found my strength the very day that i found you
my guiding light, just like a fairy tale come true

my self-esteem was low but just like superman
you took me by the hand and made me understand
showed me happiness was never too far
thru it all

you've been at my back (thru it all)
you're the reason i stand so tall
you've always been there to catch my fall
you've been at my back (thru it all)

you've been my boo, my best friend, and my confidant
when i'm sad and blue, you're the only one that i want
and you've got a way with words that makes everything okay
you're poetry in motion; you brighten up my night and day

you said don't be afraid and to never doubt myself
and now that i found you i don't want no one else
won't you take my hand? let's reach for the stars
thru it all


3. swing your love to me

hey baby boy, ya get down with a girl that don't appreciate you
what you waiting for? there's someone standing here that'll treat you like a real man
she don't care about you; can't you understand?
you need to take my hand
holla back, playa let me know
if you feel the need, won't you come get with me?
she don't have to know; we can creep and keep it on the low
or you can make me your woman boy what you waitin for?
show that girl the door

swing your love to me, swing your love to me
when in need... (won't you) swing your love to me?
swing your love to me, swing your love to me

hey mista don't hesitate to swing your love in my way
this wake up call is opportunity to correct a mistake
and if you need instruction boy i'll show you how
you need a woman who can treat a man like he must be treated
from all your memories, home girl must be deleted now
she don't love you boy and she's never around

she ain't got nothin on me
it don't take much to see that she can't handle you
she can't move you (she can't groove you)
she can't do you like i do (rub your body) with my fingers
you got to swing your love to me


4. i don't wanna dance alone

she pinches herself because she thought it was make-believe
foolish girl, her happiness she could not see
always thought she'd be the one with endless chances
so she betrayed your trust and took your love for granted

she never really noticed the scent of your cologne
til it finally hit her that you were gone
i couldn't believe that she was so naive
til i realized that she was me

(i don't wanna dance alone) don't wanna be on the floor without my baby
(and since i can't be with you) i haven't had an appetite for nothing lately
(i don't wanna dance alone) even the robins can't sing a sad sad song
(can't be alone) don't make me do it alone

when i felt the pain the tears fell down like an ocean rained
enough to fill the sea with my apologies
i have died inside and nobody knows
my life is gone with you and our tomorrows

what do i have to do to make the music right
how do i get it back to you and i
the foolish girl has risen from her dream
now i realize how much you mean to me
come back to me

come on over here and make love to me slow
up in my room we dance to the radio
turn the music on and pretend that we're still close
give me your hand
may i have this dance?
make it last
say i have a chance


5. make believe

i know it's hard to believe it
what were you thinking?
everything you thought was gone for wrong reasons
wasn't strong enough to resist temptation
shouldn't play around with imagination
sometimes love is blind it could cause deception
no wonder nowadays you gotta have protection
so palya give it up, i've had enough to see
that all your love for my girls was just make believe

first time that i caught you slippin
i thought that my eyes were trippin
i was a fool
next time when you try to play me
caught you tryin to hide your hickies
that was uncool

since then every night, every day i think about you in a different way
i tried but i can't stay with you

playa don't try to step to me
you lied and you deceived
and now i see that our love was make believe
cause you know i got to be
with a man who respects me
but now i see that your love was make believe

chillin all alone and thinkin
that you were busy workin
makin your moves
but when i try to call you
some girl told me that we're through
then i heard oooohhh

you, thought i was blind
you, can't even blow my mind
you, will wish you could rewind
you, ain't even worth my time


6. crying game

i think that i have played this game before
it's been a little while
so i'm not that sure
maybe they changed the box a bit
put a few more pieces inside of it
the names have changed to ones
i'm not familiar with

but i know it's the same game
although the faces change
it must be cause it plays the same
first up and down and then the bag
this is the one because i recognize the pain

at the end i don't win again

crying game, who wants to play?
when all there are are losers
and if you choose it
you'll always lose it
the crying game, who wants to play?
the crying game
when all there are are losers
glimpse of the sun, eternal rain
the crying game, all it brings is pain

thought i would have learned my lesson then
back when i was young and we were more like friends
though my heart still felt the pain from then
sure enough i let you back again
will i allow myself to let this cycle end?

and i have no one to blame
i guess cupid lost his aim
must have hit me in my leg again
my knees get week and i begin
to persuade myself to be the one to love again

i can't bear that you don't care anymore

free me from all of my dark despair
grant me three wishes so that i can be anywhere but here
storms of life, evacuate my heart
because the lessons you teach with the people i meet
are tearing me apart


7. get your hands off of me

365, you call me all the time
i'm pickin up my line, you sayin i'm lookin fine
talkin bout how you miss and love me
how you and me were always meant to be
then why did you cheat on me so gradually
i don't understand how you did this to me
asking me if i want you back
i don't really know; gotta think about that

it's hard cause i lost the trust for us
why did you lust?
it's hard cause i lost the trust for us
i won't cry and fuss

all you ever do is lie to creep on me
so don't try to step to me
playa get your hands off me
even though i love you, i can't
see you next to me so don't
try to mess with me
playa get your hands off me

24/7 i'm thinking about you
my heart can't take it; i'm really missin you
now why did you go and play the shady fool
you have no reason and i have no clue
deep down inside i'm still in love with you
but you just had to treat me so cruel
baby boy, i think i want you back
i don't really know; gotta think about that

you have to let her go if you wanna get back with me
cuz i'm not down with s.o.m.e. after three


8. acapella segment

(nobody gets too much heaven no more)
it's much harder to come by
i'm waiting in line

nobody gets too much love anymore
it's as high as a mountain
and harder to climb

oh, you and me boy
got a lot of love in store
and it floats through you
and it floats through me
and i love you so much more

and my love
i can see beyond forever
everything we own will never die
love is such a beautiful thing

oh, you make my world
a summer day
are you just a dream
to fade away?

(come with me)
i got a call, a telephone call today
somebody's offering a job a thousand miles away
i want to take it; it's the opportunity of a lifetime
but i need a second opinion, an opinion other than mine
so i, i'm turning to you
because you always seem to know just what to do
when times like these arise
i call on my one true friend in the world, my world

so i, i want to know
if you really want me to go
and if so, are you coming with me?
i, i want to know
if you really want me to go
and if so
come with me...

i never wanted it as much as i want you with me
you were the one who said to follow my dreams
of having a house, a car, a view of the stars
and a beautiful life
so i need someone i can grow with
i need someone in my life
so i, i'm turning to you
because you always seem to know just what to do
when times like these arise
i call on the only real love of my life
you are my life, you are my life, my life, my life


9. you brighten up my life

hopin for the sun, one rainy day
wishin that the rain would go away
so many tears pouring down on me
you wrapped your arms around me
you engaged me in a dance

hopin for this love to come my way
lonely was the price i had to pay
i stood all alone and waited
for my prince to make me his lady
and you gave this love a chance

she never really noticed the scent of your cologne
til it finally hit her that you were gone
i couldn't believe that she was so naive
til i realized that she was me

i haven't seen the rain or cloudy skies (since i found you)
i haven't seen a tear fall from my eyes (since i found you)
i'm never home alone at night (since i found you)
i hope you never leave me side
you brighten up my life

i'm waited for so long for someone like you
and finally my dreams are coming true
we have the chance; let's take it
and if we only try, we can make it
in this fairytale romance

never, never, see the rain outside
never, never, see a tear in my eye
never, never, home alone at night


10. serenade

must have been an angel
sweet spirits raining from above
shower me with lyrics of love
blessing my over and over

so i serenade my song (my song)
my love (my love) for you (ooh)
and i'll give you me heart (my heart) my heart (oh yeah)
and i'll serenade for you

bah bah bah uh huh
for you (i'll serenade for you, i'll serenade)
serenade for you
bah bah bah uh huh
(my heart) for you (my baby) serenade for you

ohhh, you said it was my destiny
my calling to find a way to you
something like out of a dream
angels came to me and sang this heavenly song

ohhh, my love is true for you
never had to worry baby
cause i've got what i need
you'll never be alone
my heart will be your shelter and keep you warm
need me, feel me, hold me, forever and ever
need me, feel me, hold me, forever and ever


11. my angel

as i sit and think about yesterday
i feel the pain inside (oh yeah)
all the troubles that burden my mind
they can't be pushed inside

so i'm counting on your love to guide me home
through these chapters of my life (uh huh)
you're my angel through the storm
(and you know i'll always love you)
you're what keeps going strong

don't you know that, mama you know that i love you
and if i could i'd build my world ar
ound you why did you have to go away
i'm missing all those sunny days
you see they come and go but still these empty feelings
go on and on, dear lord i pray for healing
wishing that you never went away
now life just ain't gonna be the same

even though you're not
here with me today
i still feel you around me
in every single way

missin the times that you would hold me close
when i needed you the most (oh yeah)
wiped the teardrops from my eyes
and walked with me through the storms of life

i loved you enough to let you go
cause your spirit will live on and on
i put all my faith inside of you
so you'll know my love is strong

and your soul, it lives within me
for all eternity
(it lives on and on and on)
(and you know i'll always love you)


12. never leave your side

i know you're feeling down
because she broke your heart
don't think that it's the end
you just gotta try and start over with someone
someone who's gonna care
care about the way you feel when no one else is there
but she gotta be patient because love takes some time
and you always gotta be on guard cause true love is so hard to find
never know, who or where, how or why
when the woman you've been waiting for is right before your eyes

whenever you're lonely
you can call on me
cause i promise to be
there until eternity
if the mountains may fall
and the sun refused to shine
i'll be with you through it all
and whenever you hold me
i get a rush inside
you can tell by my touch
that i just can't lie
the way i feel about you just feels so right
baby, i will never leave

so open up your eyes
and let your mind free
what you've been searching for
is all inside of me
so don't you be afraid
cause i won't let you down
sweet love and honesty
in you i've finally found

i'll be your fantasy
i'll be your dreams at night
don't ever have a doubt
cause the feeling's oh so right
to have you here with me
feels like you're heaven sent
and since you've been with me
i've been in love ever since


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