liao linggan (fishing for inspiration)
bu kenen chuo guo ni (unable to pass you up)
liulei shouxing
ganqing fuzuoyou (side-effect to feelings)
slippery wings that won't descend
shiqu le ta (lost her)
ni ai guo meiyou? (have you loved before:?)
mary says/a>


1. liao linggan (fishing for inspiration)

Verse One
Drink more water
The wind is blowing
The eyes are falling down
I'm pretending to sleep
Inspiration swims there and swims here
Splashing up the cool water
The eyes meet the surrounding four boundaries
I give the strings [of an instrument] a turg or two
And fish up the tail of inspiration

You are my music
There are many feelings that seem to be flying
In my world under the water
Love is my music
All my breathing is elated
If I pay for that I'll get a present in return (??)
I am my music

I need to experiment with my own understanding
I will bravely open my heart's way of thinking
Don't neglect your own feelings
Fish up inspiration
The world is under your command

In times where you seem you are almost hooked
Very lonely
Very free
I'll accompany you
The water will flow with greed
The things that are so difficult to chase after
I will continue to pursue


2. bu kenen chuo guo ni (unable to pass you up)

Hey there... how you doing? Do you speak English? Okay, then I'll speak Chinese. Except my Chinese isn't that good... yep, and I don't understand many of your jokes. It's embarrassing.

Verse One
There are times when I just need a song to feel unrestrained
I forget that I need to line up
The weather is humid and the man in the store is very bad
It is just this time... I feel a rose blooming in my heart
It is just in this time... I feel rays of light sparkling down on me
I can see the whole city talking about love

I'm unable to pass you up
That's the reason this seems a little weird
I'm not looking forward to it
But my stubbourness makes me want to come
I'm unable to pass you up
Love usually makes a person inclined to look forward to things
But I'm so happy... independent and free (I'm just independent and free)

Verse Two
There are times when I need a song to make me want to talk about love
I forget love makes me unfree
And I'll spend a lot of money
Friends think I'm weird
It is just this time... I feel a rose blooming in my heart
It is just this time... A rainbow follows me and appears
That is your smile, your love

Your firm but light moods
They meet the dark clouds that come floating over
The passing shadow
Makes you waver
I'm not a love god so you better try try try
I'm unchanging and you will realize it.

Talking (he has a kyOot voice!!)
Alright everybody, alright listen up be quiet, be quiet! Now this is what making music is all about... it's about getting stupid with friends a little once in a while... yeah, you gotta let the music into your heart! You know you gotta feel it! Alright, here we go!


3. liulei shouxin

Clouds floating in the sky
A wave splashing in the ocean
This world has too many dreams which are unable to grasp onto
You stand in the midst of the wind
You are the one who is free
Your life has too many hurts that shouldn't be there and won't leave

But when you're leaving, don't hold onto my hand
I've heard the sound of love being slowly smashed to pieces
You don't understand that you don't want my heart
It's up to you to make it stop

I'm trying to smile, trying to smile...
Trying to embrace you every second...
I don't want to see closed eyes
Afraid that in the end that you'll have tears flowing in your hand

The promise that you gave me before
How can I not let it go?
So you honestly tell me... how vast his love is...

This is my hand
Which held you when you were in difficult times
This slowly growing road
I shouldn't walk [on it] towards loneliness...


4. julia

I see the strength in your steps
Your head which never turns
Should I go back?
Time after time it is like this... you running and my chasing
Aren't you tired?
Why does love become something that brings guilt?
After letting go you regret it
If it is your feeling that nothing really matters
Then let me put take my love back

Julia Julia
Don't drag mud and bring water
Towards wrong
It flies
Face it
Julia Julia
Don't let love wither
Love mixing with tears
You'll be able to learn from this experience
The precious things that you need to learn about love are just perfect


Love is expanding
But it isn't like gambling
Treasure it like happiness.


5. ganqing fuzuoyou (side-effect to feelings)

Where did I talk to?
What am I thinking about? [literally: where am I thinking to?]
Where can I go to encounter you?
Half walking and half thinking
Half walking and half looking
Aren't I like an accompanier?
Where did I run to?
Where did I return to?
Should I still envy your neighbor?
Own speech, own language
Into the phone I want to...
Sing a song that no one understands

The sky knows why
I can smile and appreciate a moving person's tragedy
But the sky knows
I give out an unchangeable expression

I'm missing your side-effect
I can't think of
The side-effect that I got from loving you
I can't love
Because of you
I can't see clearly
Can't think clearly
Can't speak clearly
I'm not sure if I'm breathing
Because of you
I can't listen clearly
Can't smell clearly
Can't feel that this is myself...


7. slippery wings that won't descend)

Verse One
Just left the ground for not even a second
There's very little oxygen
The rigid wind cuts my face
I miss her
The place where I wish to fly to know
I don't know
From now on I will leave the past in the sky
I only care about flying

Lonely slippery wings
Don't descend!
Brush off the attraction in his heart
Let the wind blow!
Drifting in the air above the earth
How free
The farther I fly
The more I think of her
Courageous slippery wings
Help me fly!
Flying over love's boundaries
Forget her!
The earth halfway in the air
I want to remember her
The words I've said before
Will forever leave a mark.

Verse Two
Flying three thousand and three hundred feet in the air
The weather is great
The ocean waves are racing [with each other]
I miss her
I know the place where I am going
And what it is called
That place is called "Missing [someone] Island"
I continue to fly
Five lakes and four oceans
Drifting past the sea
In the whole world I am the only one left in the sky
I won't descend


9. shiqu le ta (lost her)

Verse One
That time we said goodbye
I pretended to feel very bad
Actually, I wasn't
I think not much [time] needs to pass
And you will calm down
Love will beautifully comply with the old
I don't count as a good feeling person (meaning: someone good with love)
I accidentally (literally: little hearted) forgot
How you feel
Everytime we part
I just realized
Makes me want to squeeze onto your hand rapidly
I finally think
When you love someone
As many languages that there are
Words can not be said and there will be understanding

Verse Two
On this end of the phone
Thinking of a million excuses
There is still no result
This has never happened before
The loneliness has gotten out of hand (literally: over the head)
The cold war is not ceasing
How could you have cut off contact [between us] like this?
Suddenly all information has disappeared
The end of the world.
Beauty once
Be careful
[I'm] just afraid of it shattering
Love's rough outline
Please tell me
Let me know
This section of feelings
Where did it begin?

Lost you
What am I begging for?
Just count it that there are shooting stars flying past my eyes
Lost you
What else do I have
That is worthy of my posession? Even one dream is too many
Lost you
Teach me
Just believe that love isn't just an old dream
Lost you
How about enduring it?
From today forward you won't count as mine anymore


10. ni ai guo meiyou? (have you loved before?)

Verse One
You are my pride
I am your mark
Fearful words I choose to pray for
Tracing [the online of] your eyebrow
Looking for my own confused mind
If it's dissappointing conversation, I'd rather sleep

Promise me although I wake up I won't see daylight
You won't be like them and be unwilling to say how you feel
Tell me in my most defenseless times
You will extend your left or right hand...
Have you ever experienced love
Like this, without sound and without smell?
Have you loved me before?
Loving a person...
You won't let her think of friends (you won't let her think of past friends)


11. mary says

Verse One
How long has it been since I held you near?
How long will it be till I have you right here?
You say that it hurts; I can't disagree
But how can I hold on to someone who's leaving me?

And Mary says she's gonna be OK
She tells me things are getting busier these days
(She tells me things will be much easier someday)
And Mary says she's gonna be alright
You know how much I miss her in my life
(You know how much I'm missing her deep inside)

Verse Two
Goodbye yesterday, I see my dreams walking away
And mary looks just like she did before
Except she don't love me, she don't love me anymore
I could shake your hand or I could kiss you goodbye
But I just might break down looking in your brown eyes
So what happens next do I listen to my mind or heart?
I don't know where to start feeling alright again...


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