gongzhuang zhizhuang (revolution)
mongxiang bei lendong (frozen dreams)
ai ni denyu ai zhiji (loving you counts as loving myself)
xingren (trust)
buguan zhenyang (doesn't matter how it is)
please come back to me


1. gongzhuang zhizhuang (revolution)

I'm entangled in your spinning
Circle after circle, the revolution (meaning: the sun rotating around the world)
The connections between people
Love helps me not become disconnected
I thought you were already done spinning
Circle after circle, spinning by itself (meaning: when the world rotates on its axis)
Oh baby the darkness and brightness of my world
Are noticeable because of my missing [you].

Although this kind of appearance has a simple look
I think... I say that you are my sun
But to me [literally: but when I am to speak of you], you really have such a big influence on me
My mood has the differences of black days and white nights
Love is just this natural
Stretch out the feeling [of love] abundantly
I'm just like the world
And you are in the center of all the thoughts of my heart


The growing sky and the longlasting earth are legends
I know
But I'm so naive about fate
Am I silly?


2. mongxiang bei lengdong (frozen dreams)

(Frozen dreams)
I like the sunrise
But I certainly wallow in the dark corners as well
In a group of people, oh... what do I count as?
To what's to come... I feel like I'm left in the dark like dumplings which have been overcooked
In the boiling water, floating... floating [this could be a pun... because piao.fu can mean 'floating' or 'superficial']

(Frozen dreams)
(Frozen dreams)
Far too long these chains I've worn
Cause I didn't choose to be born
In this world... gone wrong

Who can understand it?
The lonely hurt
Frozen dreams

Standing in my own corner
I've forgotten that you want [to buy] a lamp
In the midst of the darkness
A little thread of light I am even hoping for
Our love will never change although the road is so far away
The warm love is the language of all humans
Build a world of love and peace
It's a land I've always longed for
Don't you know?

Me and you... we aren't different
Why are dreams being frozen?


3. ai ni dengyu ai zhiji (loving you counts as loving myself)

Verse One
The rain that has already poured
The wind that has already blown past you
You are even sweeter than the wind and the rain
The shadows of two people
Under the same sky and earth
Both with the same memories of the past
My heart thinking of you
My eyes watching you
It just like I'm close to myself
Smiling foolishly
Just like you
Just as sweet as you

Is it that if I love you I will turn into you?
Oh... ah... loving you is the same as loving myself [literally: is EQUAL to loving myself]
Mm... well...

Verse Two
I think of a difficult problem you have
You write in my diary
You are more sweet than a lover can be
I haven't said that it was a pity yet
But you are already sighing
An impossible silence
My heart thinking of you
My eyes watching you
It just like I'm close to myself
No wonder [literally: isn't it weird]
Embracing the feelings
More and more you'll be able to understand


Is it that all your secrets
Have already stopped my breathing
Let us never seperate...


6. xingren (trust)

Verse One
I've thought about it a long time
It's about time that I said it
There are some difficult problems
In my heart
We've been working hard
Exchanging experiences
But we still feel
That we don't understand each other enough

Verse Two
Because of your smile and all the happiness in it
Because of your silence and all that's been lost from it
All the ways of thinking
Are all telling you
From your eyes I'm still holding you back

Was it fate that let us meet and gave us the choice to stay together?
Because of you my world is a little bit different
I want to give it all to you
Why do you still have second thoughts [literally: items on your heart] that you are unwilling to reveal?

Quickly tell me what you want from me and you
Quickly tell me what I can still do for you
If the two people who are loving each other don't have trust (us)
We should (Love can lose its color)
The two people in love don't have trust
And love has lost its beautiful colors...


7. buguan zhenyang (doesn't matter how it is)

Verse One
They don't grow slowly enough
But we
We definitely need dreams [literally: dreamy thoughts]
Can cause someone pain
But we
We still never forget it

Your feelings are too unchangeable
Doesn't matter how I know
This gentle love song
How am I supposed to sing it?
Your love is too reckless
Doesn't matter it was
Stop leaning on my shoulder

Verse Two
Falls beautifully
But we
Need to face the rays of light
Will make people disappointed
But we
Are full of the past


Bridge (2x)
It's not possible that I'm still not strong enough
At least I'm not afraid of being hurt
It's not possible to love before daylight
At least not today
Let's enjoy the light from the moon


Apparently it cannot be ignored
My tears just keep flowing
Finally there is a place where I can stop


10. please come back to me

The light in the street is retreating
In the car I am missing you
It's hard for me to forget your beauty
Smile lightly
Cry softly

Who can help me find you?
Who can say "I love you" in place of me?
Don't allow my heart to give up so lightly
Please don't let me lightly give it up (Please come back to me)

Verse Two
In the midst of the rain
There's a rose that has been soaked
With my own hands
Who can I hand it to?
Quickly return to my side
Listen to me
Wiping my tears because of you


Please believe this one line:
Please come back to me, please come back to me
Don't leave again
You won't be hurt again
Please come back to me
Please come back to me

Who loves you more than me? Loves you...
Who loves you more than me?


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