holdin down
real wunz


2. holdin down

Yo! We so crazy we shoot niggas right then and there so if you try to play me my whole attitude is like fuck everybody, I've been through too much... fuck y'all just hardly... thug my niggas got gnarly guns ghetto verse and make it real, it real hard to run captain P! You just a suspect Seoul-ja, my chain swings that nigga still rock chockers, we chest-naked tatooed up wit, two plastic cups, one got gin, the other's got punch, how we fuck damn y'all niggas CD is so weak I frisbee that shit out the caddy truck. Nigga, we put out Mobb hits, it's the head nigga in charge you lousy kid!

What most people don't know how far the Seoul go with the real shit, the ill shit, it's the P nigga JS nigga one love holdin down hip-hop! What most people don't know how far the Seoul go with the real shit, the ill shit... it's the P nigga, we the realist niggas holdin down hip-hop!

Yo! "D's got we blasted high on some melodic strung out raw mix that got'em shafted. I saw'em throwin some side ass shit like they wouldn't ride the dick if I gave it to'em (bullshit)... right here, right now, I'ma squash it. I'ma bout the sickest individual in the game who lost it, out come platinum, I crossed it... niggas had a road block on me til they saw the profit me, regular T-boots and some cammys livin the life you couldn't even see in movies... it's just routine everyday scene status mad cream holdin hip-hop wit the rest of my fam see, I'm bout a century deep and ya'll minute muthafuckas just pretending to be ya'll. Keep it gently I'ma proceed to keep it rugged like it's suppose to be suckas see me

Most people don't know how far the Seoul go with the real shit, the ill shit, it's the P wit, a 9 milli spitta JS holdin down hip-hop! Most people don't know how far the Seoul go with the real shit, the ill shit, it's the P wit a YG trigga, JS holdin down hip-hop!

As we continue this journey of hold down for the true pioneers and the year is 2001...

Broken bones and broken tones and Nuh JiKeum SaSuh HaNeun GoSaeng JS yo we get wild! DaShi Nuh YehGeh HaNeulGwa DdangManKeum DaTeun style AhlReelShiGi uplifted when I ripped it niggas ran as they dripped like liquid (someone's gettin high, you could smell it in the sky) Na DdoHan DaEum Ta Suk JoonBiDwaeUh EeJi (what's that?) JS eloquent wit mili shit the winning shit spinning on my cream and giving any shit, MoDooGa Da WonChi so I pump this ji won't you hold this

Psychotic states of minds of kanivin' human kinds got me losing my religion GeePeun NeuMeh TueiSaekDwaen my vision search lights navigatin' shine bright angel flights in skys tellin true lies SoRanSaEe SehNueiDangHan JiBaeDangHan UbNeunJaYeh KoomEe UbNeun GoNan JiKyuhBoNeun Nan JookGo YoungHonNaRa Dduh NaGaDo NaeSonMok Keut mic KuhGo BoolUhJooOh

Most people don't know how far the Seoul go wit the real shit, the ill shit, NuhHuei MoDooGa JS DaRa, one love holdin down hip-hop (3x)


6. holdin down

Fool what you can't come poppin that shit, run up guess what I'm stoppin' that shit! Check the mic cord every place I roll make your blood spill out when you see my chrome... it's fantastic drastic the way I flow yo! incredible unforgettable make it bounce to the rhythm what counts I hit 'em straight ounce venom great amount of wisdom, if you Latin yes! Heavy weight swingin' better get ready sucka, the bells ringin, I'm the psycho lookin for the prey all the way out in the boondocks the assasin wit one goal to take your soul back take it out the hole broke your style's old sit back and watch this Cypress Hill Seoul-ja nobody out here spittin out bolder

Real ones nod ya neck to this one we gon' make ya feel one kill one JS Cypress

Total colors of your nation no limitation i'm butter wit the blazin better wit' rais in the hell's outers pacin' I'm only facin the fact that I be lacin this information GooTeun YehJiRoMan (JiKyuhDun) OoRiGuh (bangin them shit) to the death with all gun HaNeulEul JeelRuhBwa (woop woop) JoomDuh feel NaGeh uh Duh Duh JunHaGeh 21 SehGi EeSehGaeGa HaNaDwae DaeHanMinGook BeeNaGeh JS, Cypress Hill JupNaGeh Wae GaSeumEe BukChaGeh Neh SheemJang Ee DwaeNaGo GeuGeh BaRo NehGeh PaGoDeun NaRaNo now we beath this we be this ingenius wit these plus we fiend this, believe this (bangin your speaker) KohlReen ChoJuPeul BaJwuh GuhTookHan GoYoSohKeh NaNeun WiChyuh KolReen GaeChuhRuhm Keut DahlRyuh GoUhDun JaGa GaRoBakGo, JamHee BahlRyuh MaeJeenHan KohlGoJa Na KeutUbShee KwulChyuh Ee HanBomBaChyuh BeeJeul Ddo BiChyuh UhDoomSohKeh EeNeun NuhHueiReul JiKyuh (who would be, who would be) GaJaDeulEun JuhRiBiKyuh (Sean) NaeGaBaKuhGaGeSsuh

Sicka wit the flow niggas wanna toe go deeper than you know (they know) UhDeelDaJyuh HanJoo MukKamDo AhnDwaenDaGo uh! SoRiUbShee BunGaeGa NaeRiChyuh (shakin you up) UhDoomSohk GeePeun JaMeul KaeWuh (wit that sound) MehMaTeun BokEul NaeGa JukSyuh GaSeumSohKeh BoJaRan 2% ChaeWuh suckas aint real walkin' round thinkin that they got that feel wit this hiphop mission Mo DeunGuhl GaeSun, Cypress Hill Jinusean rambunction we the real ones


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