bleed american
praise chorus
the middle
your house
hear you me
if you don't, don't
get it faster
authority song
my sundown
splash, turn, twist


1. bleed american

i'm not alone because the t.v.'s on
i'm not crazy because i take the right pills every day and rest
clean your conscience
clear your thoughts with speyside
with your grain

salt sweat sugar on the asphalt
our hearts littering the topsoil
tune in
we can get the last call
sign up
it's the picket line or the parade
our lives
our coal

i bled the greed from my arm
won't they give it a rest now?


2. praise chorus

are you going to live your life wondering
standing in the back, looking around?
are you going to waste your time thinking
how you've grown up
how you missed out?
things are never going be the way you want
where's it going to get you acting serious?
things are never going to be quite what you want
even at twenty five you got to start sometime

are you going to live your life standing in the back looking around?
are you going to waste your time?
got to make a move or you'll miss out
someone is going to ask you what it's all about
stick around nostalgia won't let you down
someone is going to ask you what it's all about
what are you going to have to say for yourself?

i'm on my feet
i'm on the floor
i'm good to go
so come on davey, sing me something that i know
want to always feel like part of this was mine
want to fall in love tonight
here, tonight


3. the middle

don't write yourself off yet
it's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
just try your best
try everything you can
and don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away

hey you know they're all the same
you know you're doing better on your own so don't buy in
live right now
just be yourself
it doesn't matter if that's good enough for someone else

it just takes some time
little girl, you're in the middle of the ride
everything everything will be just fine
everything everything will be all right

do your best
do everything you can
don't you worry what their bitter hearts are going to say


4. your house

when you're on, i swear
you're on
i think the whole room can hear me clear my throat
then out of nowhere you put me right back there
we know what happens when we get to your house
you're winning me over with everything you say
when i let you closer,
i only want you closer

you rip my heart right out

i throw away everything i've written you
just keep my mind off it
thinking how i had you once
no, i can't forget that
sometimes i wish i could lose you again

if you still care at all don't go tell me now
if you love me at all please don't tell me now
if you love me at all
don't call


5. sweetness

string from your tether unwinds
up and outward but only to bind
i was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me

tell me what do i need when the words loose their meaning
stumble until you crawl
sinking into sweet uncertainty

i'm still running away
i wont play your hide and seek game
what a dizzy dance
this sweetness will not be concerned with me


6. hear you me

there's no one in town i know
you gave us someplace to go
i never said thank you for that
thought i might get one more chance
what would you think of me now?
so lucky
so strong
so proud
never said thank you for that
now i'll never have a chance

if you were with me tonight
i'd sing to you just one more time
a song for a heart so big god wouldn't let it live

may angels lead you in
hear you me my friends
on sleepless roads the sleepless go
may angels lead you in


7. if you don't, don't

what's wrong baby?
don't they treat you like they should?
did you take them for it
or every penny that you could?
we once walked out on the beach and once i almost touched your hand
o, how i dreamed to finally say such things
then only to pretend

don't you know i'm thinking?
driving 405 past midnight
you know i miss you
ninth and ash on a tuesday night
i would write to you from museum mile
toast to you:
your whisper
your smile
up the stairs at the wheatherford
a ghost each place i hide

i left you waiting
at the least could we be friends?
should have never started
ain't that the way it always ends?
on my life i'll try today
there's so much i've felt i should say but
even if your heart would listen i doubt i could explain

so here we are now
a sip of wine
a sip of water
someday maybe
maybe someday we'll be smarter
i'm sorry that i'm such a mess
i drank all my money could get,
took everything that you had and never loved you back

would you mean this please if it happens?
won't you get your story straight?
if you don't know, honey why'd you just say so?
i need this now more than i ever did
if you don't know,
well honey,
then you don't


8. get it faster

i don't care what you do
i'm getting out
no, nothing ever shames me
don't want a thing from you
i'm going out
i don't care if you're angry

i should have thought things through
i'm holding out but not getting an answer
i want to do right by you
but i'm finding out cheating gets it faster


9. cautioners

the time i would spend with pictures i would not send
i watched you go from left to right
i followed you all night across my blinds

making my peace
making it with distance
maybe that's a big mistake
you know i'm thinking of you
i miss you

you'll change your mind come monday and turn you back on me
take your steps away with hesitance
take your steps away from me


10. authority song

it's how the hustle goes:
see what the jukebox knows
put my last quater on
i play "authority song"

the dj never has it:
J A M C, automatic
it those were roy's headphones
you bet he'd play "what goes on"

honesty or mystery?
tell me, i'm not scared anymore
say anything you want
i'm not scared anymore
want something else? just tell me
i got no secret purpose
i don't seem obvious, do i?
i'm here that means something doesn't it?
won't you dance with me a little bit?
you don't notice
i guess the music is too loud


11. my sundown

i see it around me
i see it in everything:
i could be so much more than this

said my goodbyes
this is my sundown
i'm going to be so much more than this

i need you to show me the way from crazy
i want to be so much more than this

with one hand high you'll show them your progress
you'll take your time
but no one cares

lovely time, tinsel shine
goodbye, i'll be fine

good good bye
good good night


12. splash, turn, twist

with a turn and a twist she gets her wish
just a smile makes her who she wants
it's the smoke from the spark when the sulfur hits
it turns into an inspiration

with a splash and a twist we'll both get pissed
and leave after we hear our songs
it's the smoke from the spark when the sulfur hits
she'll just remember she felt something

so much for see you around
so much for seeing at all
don't leave me in the trivia

give it a name and that's how it stays
over the threshold
over and out


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