crawling in the dark
remember me?
running away
let you know
ready for you
up and gone
too little, too late
hello again
to be with you
give it back


1. crawling in the dark

i will dedicate and sacrifice my everything
for just a second's worth of how my story's ending
i ish i could know if the directions that i take
and all the choices that i make
won't end up all for nothing

show me what it's for;
make me understand it.
i've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer
is there something more
than what i've been handed?
i've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer

help me carry on
assure me it's okay to
use my heart and not my eyes
to navigate the darkness
will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
will i ever get to see the ending to my story?

so when and how will i know?

how much further do i have to go?
how much longer until i finally know?
cause i'm looking and i just can't see
what's in front of me


2. remember me?

i stand here face to face
with someone that i used to know
used to look at me and laugh
and now he claims
that he's known me for so very long
but i remember being no one

i wanted to be just liek you
so perfect, so untouchable
now you want me to be with you
someone who used to have it all
do you remember now?
you acted like you never noticed me.
forget it!
because the dawn has come around;
you're not allowed to be a part of me.

did you know me
or were you too preoccupied
with playing king in your small kingdom?
well, now the real world
has stripped you of your royalty
and from your kingdom you're evicted!

you're never going to be a part of me (x6)


3. running away

i don't want you to give it all up
and leave your own life collecting dust
and i don't want you to feel sorry for me;
you never gave us a chance to be

and i don't need you to be by my side
and tell me that everything's alright
i just wanted you to tell me the truth;
you know i'd do that for you

so why are you running away?
why are you running away?

i did enough to show you that i
was willing to give and sacrifice
and i was the one who was lifting you up
when you thought your life had had enough
when i get close, you turn away
there's nothing that i can do or say
so now i need you to tell me the truth;
you know i'd do that for you

is it me?
is it you?
nothing that
i can do
to make you change your mind
is it me?
is it you? nothing that
i can do
to make you change your mind


4. pieces

turn around and pick up the pieces!

i, like a rock sink
sinking til i hit the bottom
(the water is much deeper than i thought)
nothing to swim with
kicking, but i keep sinking
(a lesson that no one could have ever taught)

and i can almost breathe the air
right beyond my fingertips
i'll turn around and pick up the pieecs
one more push and i'll be there
back where i belong
i'll turn around and pick up the pieces

i see the picture
blurry, but now it's in focus
(a fairytale i purchased on my own)
i finally woke up
everything is beter
(a chance for me to open up and grow)

suffocating, sinking further, almost everyday
barely treading water, knowing i will not give up
i will not give up
i will not give up


5. let you know

i just thought that i'd let you know
that although i'm far
i'm close to you within
and all the time spent by your side
is taken deep in me
held for me to keep
to look upon when i'm feeling like
everything and one
is hurting me for something or other
it takes me to a better place
nowhere i'd rather go
thought i'd let you know

who you are
what you do
makes me burn to be in you
who you are
and what you do
i'm burning to be in you

i just thought that i'd let you know
being near you is
a gift i only wish i could treasure
but for now i'll sit and wait
i'm still burning though
thought i'd let you know

it feels like i'm falling
i'm all on my own
thought i'd let you know


6. better

just when i thought that i was beter
i realized that i don't know what better was
is it...
beter than i used to be?
better for you or for me?
i better hurry cause i need
a better view of things

i don't know what it is
or what i might be coming down with
don't know where i've been
don't know where to go
can't remember all the things
that i need to know
all i know is that
if i think about it
i'd still rather be me than me be you

and i'm not getting any better
cause everytime i can't remember what it's for
is it...
better now than yesterday?
beter that i am this way?
i'd beter not be so afraid
i bet i shouldn't say


7. ready for you

go on, make me feel it's useless
when in fact it's you that needs to have me near
so now, keep me at safe distance
and with a little persistence
i'll make it crystal clear

that i'll be around
only if you want me to
be there by your side
i'm ready for you
don't be afraid
i know what you're going through
so when you think it's time
i'm ready for you

now you seem to be content with
one-sided friendship that you have got to chase
slow down, so i can smell the roses
but the road you've chosen is crooked and unpaved
(my tires are spinning but to no avail)


8. up and gone

staring at the white above
can't tell if i'm alive or if i'm dead
or is it in my head?

(where'd i go wrong?)

staring at the white above
one day i closed my eyes
then here i am
a cold, unhappy man
i've come to realize the life i have i hate
the pulse i need is slowly fading
until i've lost it all
i've been waiting for an inspiration
for a chance i never got to take
before it's much too late

where's the boy that used to run?
could it be he's up and gone away?
he seems so faraway
and all the things i could have done
could it be they've up and gone away?
they seem so far away

feels as if the boy in me
has left and been replaced with a cheap and bitter imposter of myself
i must find the one that used to be
approach him slow, don't be afraid to say
"can he come out and play?"

staring at the sky above
i've found a chance i'm finally going to take
i've learned from my mistakes

9. too little, too late

i've been so long in waiting
putting my life on hold for this
chance to live out my dreams
you think you know what i should
do with the choices that i now have
make them benefit you

what if i don't want to hear the things you say?
where were you when i was needy yesterday?
you walked in with me
now that it is good
but it is too little too late

time and again i've asked you
just for some light to show the way
i was in total darkness
you act like i owe you something
but i don't owe anything to anyone but me
have you no dignity?

i know exactly what i'll do with advice that you gave
watch me throw it all away
what if i don't want to hear all the things you say?
where were you when I was needy yesterday?


10. hello again

i dream that someday we'll be able
to look back on this together and say
it was for the best and that it
made us stronger today, stronger today

there's much more for us to see
a brand new day for you and me
and with confidence i say
we're better than ever
and i don't know where this will lead
but in my life you need to be
cause i need to say, hello again

i'm so afraid that if i wait too long
you'll never look in my eyes again
with a look that gave me strength
and gave me hope and made me feel i've inspired


11. to be with you

you make me feel again
slide across my skin again
let me uncover you
to rediscover you

and i will open up
if you promise to give in
on this perfect night
let the two of us be one

we will be again another time
no matter what all the others say
cause i would leave it all so far behind
just to be with you today

so make me feel again
feel your every breathe again
nevermind everyone
there's only me and you


12. give it back

we've shared our lives and all of what we know
but now it seems you don't know me from
the guy next door or the next or the next

give it back
you need to give it back
cause loyalty is something that you lack

i let you you in and showed you all of me
but you took it all and trashed the place
and i'm so sick of cleaning it up


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