dui bu qi wo ai ni (sorry i love you)
yi ye zhang da (grown up in one night)
chaihong (rainbow)
kuaile yi zheng tian (happy a whole day)
zhuang chuan chuan (turn in circles)


1. sorry i love you

Verse One
There's nothing else. I just wanted to say sorry. Sorry. I really love you.
I don't know how you'll think, or what you'll say. But even so, it won't change my decision.
You know... sometimes there are feelings which are very difficult to say. Very difficult to say. Loving a person or a friend.
From before until now, I really feel that one thought of you makes my heart burn
I want you to listen to my heart beating... I want you to know I don't sleep well.
When I drink water I think of you. When I ride a car I think of you...
When I shut both of my eyes, all that appears is you

I cannot guess what your expression means... I can't wait for your response...
I don't want to face disaster because of you... but I don't want to let you go either
I've decided to tell you that I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I love you.

Verse Two
There's nothing else. I just wanted to tell you ~ like this... I will cherish it all
I don't care what you will say, or what you will do. None of it will influence my mood.
You know... there are times when a man is hard to hold onto... hard to hold onto. Loving someone as a friend...
From now until forever I really feel that one thought of you makes my heart race [literally ~ jump quickly]
Can you recall my appearance? Have you received a Valentine's card?
When I'm studying I think of you... when I'm listening to music I think of you.
The grand ground and the blue sky... all that there is is you


Listen to my racing heart. Look at how I do not sleep well...
When I drink water I think of you... when I ride a car I think of you...
When I close my eyes, all that appears is you.


2. grown up in one night

Verse One
I ride a car home... the rain continues to pour. It's like the night is crying... he doesn't listen.
I don't want to wipe it away... let's just leave it like this. Love has let this girl... grow up tonight. Grow up tonight.
The words I want to say... actually, let's forget them. They aren't said that much, but I understand what they convey.

I'm not afraid of us seperating [literally ~ splitting hands]. You don't know? You don't know? It's only...
That is almost real... our house... you really don't think of it?
Then, although I have concentrated so hard these past few years, I cannot guess. Are you only going to be my friend?
I thought the sound of the rain would conceal your reply... what's lacking is so clear...
Let you feel love's girl... who has grown up in one night.

Surely there are many reasons. Maybe I'll just follow you[r actions].
Lately, I don't know why, but I don't really care about it.


3. rainbow

Verse One
Sitting in the rain gutter... a ___ is overhead
It takes the place of my crying, which is like the pouring rain...
Actually, I don't know... if there are any tears flowing...
Just like the middle of a story... have you ever loved me before?
The curtain of weakness ~ it cannot remain.
The black night inside the house also wants to leave...
The morning has arrived and is pointing out the dreams of last night
Continually until now... this is the only time that I have begun to understand

Your love is just like a rainbow ~ the air after a rainfall
What's lacking can easily confuse people... a blue, green rainbow (your outline)
Your love is just like a rainbow ~ I open up my hands
Just so I can catch the wind

Verse Two
When leaving me, you are like...
The rain after sunshine: hard to grasp.
I'm trying hard to figure it out, but I still do not understand
It's best to slowly admit this ~ this love story was wrong. (It's best to look forward... at your outline after the rain)

One layer, one layer, one layer, one layer, one layer, one layer...
There are layers of confusion... I can't wait until I can turn back
Suddenly left, suddenly right, suddenly up, suddenly down, suddenly west, suddenly east [the chinese term dong.xi, or west.east, just refers to something that is completely "across the globe"... basically, two things that are totally random and not connected]
A torment that is forwards and backwards [it's more like... forwards and backwards in time, not literally]... it's all your game...


5. happy a whole day

It's seven o'clock... I'm busy waking up, getting dressed, and washing my face
There's no reason to shuffle in every room
I've discovered that I've remembered the wrong time! Today is Sunday!
I've discovered... that the image of myself in the mirror has no expression. I've discovered my unremarkable life. It's unchanging.
I've also discovered I'm annoyed and fake... and by my side...
I'm pushing open the door and sitting on the edge of the bed; the sunlight is piercing my eyes.
My mood is fine, and I'm happier a little
All the hateful problems I will distance from my thinking.
Right now, I don't want any of it... I need to make some changes.
Anything is fine [meaning ~ I don't really care about anything], I'll open up my mood a little, and be happy this whole day.
Let my world... my free world... just be happy this whole day.

Coffee... drinking coffee lets me become a little more awake. The phone is ringing for half the day, but I'm not picking it up.
I want to pull out the telephone cord and pretend that I didn't hear it.
Music... night music fills up the lonely atmosphere... the music has already made up for what was lacking...
I don't watch boring performances... they waste too much time.
A content feeling ~ I want to have a content time.
I like easiness and directness. Let a new, fresh-smelling piece come, and I'll be happy the whole day!


7. turn in circles

Just start over again... let yourself try again
Before the performance, there is time for you to learn... smile while you say goodbye.
Pretend that in the midst of everything, you can open this roll
Yesterday's exposure... go let yourself fly again
Open up both of your arms, and set your heart free. And don't ever look back.
Love does not necessarily have a tomorrow... and worrying doesn't really help you understand
It really doesn't matter. I don't want anyone to come and comfort me.

Just turn in a circle and let it all go away. One day you will understand it all.
Because sadness... crying... love is an experience that will help you learn.
Just turn in a circle and let it all go away. As long as your heart has loved before...
That feeling will forever be unchanging. It will forever remain in your heart...

Up until today, I want myself to fly again.
I want to open up both my arms and fly. I will never turn back.
I won't foolishly wait until tomorrow anymore, hoping that someone will understand.
It really doesn't matter. I don't want anyone to come and comfort me.


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