yu li zhong (in the midst of the rain)
yi ge ren de jingcai (one person's brilliance)
chuang wai de tianqi (the weather outside my window)
zunbei hao le meiyou (are you prepared yet?)
dianying yugao (movie summary)
xian wen ni ziji (ask yourself first)


1. in the midst of the rain

walking on the wrong where the rain comes from
begins one lonely person's vacation
nudging past lovers under an umbrella
it is just that obvious
their happiness is unable to be covered
in contract with the obvious pain in the bottom of my heart
like flowers in the water splashing on me
who is helplessly dependent on the solutide
i can't stand it - i think of you
is it still embracing his chest
this vision disturbs me and i can't stay quiet

there are leaves that can avoid the rain
the seperation makes me think of circumstances with you
let me find a tunnel and i will go to a country without love
there are leaves there that can avoid the rain
i loathe the feelinggs that you give me
in accordance to when the rain passes
is when i will be able to let go of the past [literally: wilt off the past]


2. one person's brilliance

when i awake that day i suddenly thought
i should no longer be a girl that waits [for you]
taking off my ring and putting up a ponytail
i start to not think about your attitude
this is helpless and i admit defeat
because she is the one you love
[i am] a lonely accomplice
the rainbow colors of freedom:
i will face them face-to-face

shaking my head [sounds odd in english]
walking away with big strides
not worrying about the small sorrows
waving my hands byebye
wishing you two happiness
i will live brilliantly by myself

maybe tomorrow i will decide
not to talk lightly about love during my vacation
maybe tomorrow i will come across man who suits me better than you do
there's a need to accept love
and to prepare for it
who is my love?
the rainbow colors of freedom:
i will face them face-to-face


3. the weather outside my window

that day you left it suddenly began to pour
i forgot to shut the window
[the rain] dampened the whole floor...

today's weather is a light breeze
it doesn't seem to remember the wet, rainy weather
people should try to learn
and walk towards areas that are better
[they] shouldn't continue staying on home turf
i hear my friends talking about your life now
at this time your life has its ups and downs
so the reason you left me
has already been your companion
i am just a portion of your past

although i continued to think of you
when i hear about it even i think it is too much of a stir-up
although i'm still dependent on loving you
when you look at it it's so excessive

love! when you come with the burning lamp of pain in your hand, in your face i can see and know you as bliss.

from the day i left, four circles of sunlight fill my world
i can only recall what was stirred up outside
i haven't let it go yet


4. are you prepared yet?

how did we come about this outcome in love?
it's like an apple that was cursed
next time let's talk about love's result
we have to add a taste that will surpass the bitter fast
after the anniversary of our breakup
i can still smell the loneliness within time
good thing the weather is pretty good
i'll go find some friends to go ot the seaside and catch the wind
often i hear people say that after love collapses
it counts as a window to understanding oneself

let's let little by little, drop by drop, little by little, drop by drop, and follow it faraway
so that the whole world seems to have abandoned me
so that friends left, right, left, right can accompany me
so that they can observe from the point that i was last left [by someone]
i'll little by little, drop by drop, little by little, drop by drop calm my heart
let's act like you heart that me and him were passing on very happily
although love from left, right, left, right will ask after it
but i don't want to suffer because of loneliness
i ask myself, are you ready?


8. movie summary

there's too much love
it's like watching a movie
it starts off strong
and you feel as though you know what is going to happen
the you that wishes to love me
you don't need to say much
you only need to let me listen to what a good person you are
maybe you will be good towards me
how will i know?
first, give me the excitement of a first date

it seems so much like a movie
it only, it only has an exciting climax
call me, call me, don't be dull
i need high expectations for you
talking aboutt love is unpredictable
at least it needs a beautiful summary
what, waht flavor is it for?
right now i wish to taste it

there's too much love
it's like a high-rated movie
we've gotten to the conclusion
i still don't understand the meaning
you think that i've begun to love you
there's no need to tell of an elaborate story
let me see your best immediately in your eyes
the sky gets along with the old earth
might as well first start it off with a joke
first, give me the excitement of a first date

it is still early now
if you wish to retreat, you can
if you feel that today was too rotten


10. ask yourself first

you step on my image and don't allow me to go
however, you don't even know my feelings
my heart has already left to a faraway place
why must you keep lying to yourself?
who keeps calling my cellphone and not saying anything
you don't need to think or know of these boring actions
if you're happy, keep doing it

love is not an injury
there's no need to cheat in love
start over after you have lost
you might as well say byebye
who si afraid of loneliness?
who is too fussy
don't ask me where the mistakes appeared
ask yourself first

please ask yourself first
were you focused enough on me?
why did i often hear other people talking about you dating other people?
(who did you date?)
don't blindly [literally: with a chopped-off head] blame everything on me
for not putting you in my heart
who will have more patience than me?

you tell other people that we haven't parted
that i made the mistake
you have already forgotten
and you life comfortably this way
don't worry - i won't reveal the truth
but please stop trying to find an excuse
it wasn't me
who brought up the subject of breaking up
it was your self-esteem that you could not swallow
it only makes me feel even worse

i'm not afraid of being hurt
don't you cheat anymore
don't think about starting over
i'm going to say to you: byebye
you shouldn't be lonely
i hate fussiness
don't ask me where the mistakes appeared
ask yourself first

the brilliance that was brimming in your eyes
you lost when you made the friends you did
i'm sorry for you baby
talking to so many people about love at the same time
if you are like this you will be unable to pull away [literally: eat yourself away]
i'm definitely too different from you
ask yourself first


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