the airport at 10:30
i love you
yes no song
everything's gone
do i, do i?
answering machine (interlude)


2. the airport at 10:30

10:30's flight is almost here
the airport is still so crowded
i drink my coke and want to save a little for you
save a little for you
oh yeah, for my baby

a year ago we were so happy
crying tears of happiness
if i keep going i'll be so lonely
you said you needed to leave
needed some room to breathe

baby baby baby baby oh baby baby oh baby
is it that the one thing in the past made you leave?
i gave you too much; you really didn't want it
love became a problem baby

10:30's flight is already here
but your figure has not shown up
ithink you were waiting for the love in heart
you and your red and white leather jacket

it's 1:30 and you're on your way home
i can't get your name out of my head
i think you've made your final choice
oh, i'm leave you too


4. i love you

after forgetting, how do you start?
these thoughts i have towards you are full of feeling
suddenly i find myself
and how i've fallen in love with you
it's really simple

love's stage can have a shadowy ground and a black stage
i surely feel this way
there are no regrets; for love, it can all disappear
the person who is glowing is me

i love you
i can't help it baby
tell me you love me too
i love you
i'll never let it go baby
never let it go

i'll be happier
as long as we can be together, doing anything is fine
although this world is changing nonstop
if we use sincere hearts, love will be simple


8. bastard

your happiness is based on my difficulties
when i'm crying, you sit there laughing
you heartless bastard
you'll regret it someday

sprinkle salt over my wounds, why don't you
and you have the nerve to say what i believe in is wrong
if it's not to your liking you open you mouth to scold
you'll regret it someday

my heart feels like it's holding up a huge rock
my pain feels like it's suffocating me and is going to explode
my dreams feel like a balloon that will burst if you touch it
i'm really pitiful
you'll regret it someday

you remember that my car is worse than yours
you think i score worse on all the tests than you do
if you can't eat it, you just mock
you'll regret it someday


9. yes no song

closing your eyes while you tie your shoelaces
putting flowers on your windowsill
you're my angel although you're bad sometimes
recording down in your journal all my feelings towards you
you must be secretly recalling
how you were speechless and couldn't tell me the reason you didn't love me

you say no no no no no
i say yea yea yea yea yea
i'm your baby
you say no no no no no
i say yea yea yea yea yea
you're my baby

watching a movie with your eyes glued to the happy ending
saying it's been a long time since you've loved
your blue eyes that can't lie
the empty bedsheets with your scent
so you want to tell me
tell me that you're the one who loves me
tell me that no one else will love you like me


10. everything's gone

last night's conflict... i think there really isn't anything to talk about so let's just leave it at this.

it's not necessarily true that i was just going past this road
it's not necessarily true that i won't think of you
none of it was real - i was lying to myself
actually i still love you... loving you

i thought i had thought it through
[but] i've bitterly ended up back on the same road
let's see one more time what happened

love seems to leak sand
i won't stuggle
just let it be - i'm not afraid
love seems to leave pain
scars on the heart
yet i don't want to let it go
just leave me like this

love seems to leak sand
i won't say anything
standing [with] the dark, murky tears flowing down
love seems to leave pain
i should try to keep it from being this way
oh baby, i'm just too stupid
(i'll still think of you a lot)

no no no no no no no
it's what i keep doing
what i keep repeating
i'll take one step, one step, one step at a time and slowly stay


12. do i, do i?

untamable heart, babe

you say you're too lazy to care for me
you say 'm like a boxcar that you have to chase around
you really understand me the best
and are afraid my thinking is warped

i want you to be happy so i can sleep well at night
as long as you say okay, i'm okay too
if this song tells you why i've fallen in love with you
maybe me and you really have something here

tell me do i do i do i my baby
i'm just one whose untamable heart will fly wild
tell me do i do i do i my baby
i'm saying honestly why i am like this

i guess i really hope so
how should i do it so that it's right?

you say i have to make a choice
how do i know that this is right?
i really care for you
but now i have to think about who i wish to live for


15. answering machine (interlude)

tuesday, 11:37 am - mom
hello xiao pong (nickname that literally means "little fat" ^_^). i haven't really contacted you the last few days and i haven't gotten your phone calls. i don't know how busy you are. nothing much [here]... just telling you... uh... when you're eating and stuff be healthy, okay? if you have the chance, call. byebye. take care.

1:44 am - gina
david, how are you? this is gina. xiaojie just came back from america and knows what frame you want. uh... nothing much. just wanted to know how you were recently and if you're good. if there's anything i can help you with here. if you think you have anything i can help you with, you can call me! if you just want to talk, you can too! okay, that's it. i'll try to call you again. bye.

daveeeeed! sup it's manny. how you doing? uh... just wanted to touch base. give me a call when you have the chance. imma try to try you on your cell. alright? bye.

wednesday - yaoyao
hello? david? this is yaoyao. i tried to contact you this morning. your song is very good. i like it a lot. well i don't know how circumstances are and if it's realy hard work. when you come back, if it's convenient, contact me. okay, byebye.

wednesday 1:07 am
hello xiao pang. it's one o'clock over here there. it's four in the afternoon here. i thought you'd probably be home. anyway, you mom says... uh... gone out to live for three days. anyways, don't worry, that's the past. when this thing passes, it'll be okay. anyway, i've been busy these few days. i'll probably be home most of the time. okay, if you hear this recording, give me a call. it's only uh four in the afternoon here. okay? okay if you have the chance, call me back. call me back. byebye.

1:35 am
aunt - david are you sleeping?
david - who is this
aunt - oh, this is taibei
david - aunt ah...
aunt - hiya, you're sleeping right?
david - basically
aunt - sorry, sorry!
david - it's okay.
aunt - but uh... later... uh...

end of messages.

(restaurant / eating / piano sounds til last 25 seconds...)

david - hey, do you have eyebrow hair (it's something that sounds like that)?
friend one - what was the last one you ordered?
david - eyebrow hair
friend one - oh man it sure sounds like it doesn't it?
david - i know
friend two - damn... seriously, what hair?
friend three - it's like a... like a drink.
friend two - oh.
friend three - it's like a... some kind of a drink. don't ask.


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