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so crazy
baby, dui bu qi (sorry baby)
lan tian (blue skies)
ai tai duo (loving too much)

daoshi kaishi (a love before time)


0. message

to you, my dearest fans:

at last my brand new album that i've worked so tirelessly on for the past year is completed and ready for the world to listen. i sincerely hope you'll enjoy these songs as much as i enjoyed creating them.

i think so many people from the bottom of my heart for making this album possible, especially you, my devoted fan. your unying support helped me to become the artist i'm today, and this is why you ARE the reason i've worked so hard to making this album a GREAT one.

in the past year, i've had the most unforgettable experiences, from touring with ricky martin to signing at the oscar's. i'm sure with your love and support, we will reach even high grounds; we ARE the ultimate team!

thank you so much for making me your role model for all these years, and as a token of my appreciation, i'm gonna keep on creating music until the day i can do no more. this is a PROMISE!

1. so crazy

ladies and funky gentlemen - this is the coco lee track. the coco lee track. check it out.

verse one
[i] see you standing outside the door - twelve roses
[you] bring me to see the ocean
[i] feel like i've left my safety zone
your actions are too swift
suddenly you just tear open my soul
can i withstand it?
unsure whether or not you're a bad boy

baby don't, baby don't start, baby
because i need more time
the need for love doesn't need to be so fast
you're making me feel so strange
now i don't want to allow you to love
if you want my love you must wait
because i need to take it slow
you get so crazy
don't allow love to come so quickly and leave even quicker
you get so crazy
you need to assess the love you have for me

verse two
liking to chat online in this age
going online to fall in love
because there are too many guys
who need many girls to have a exciting life
open up that e-mail
and at anytime start talking about love

break it down like this and i want you bad
some skunk funk with a shotgun bang
drop that ass, stop that jazz
pick up the pace and just get here fast
don't be no pussy
ain't nobody gonna tell you when you miss that pass
yo get down with the posse
trip on em in the back, gotta hit the gas
you lob my stare; you get me there
top up the juice, gotta get big air
big jin markin it, talk it like you're stickin it
fumblin with the line with the rhyme
like kickin it coco, you make me loco
like when you put your ass on my hips when i spin that wheel
like keepin the beat, like keepin the block
like hahahahaha


2. - ma -


3. baby, sorry

verse one
hearing my phone ring once and then stop
could it be you? i wonder...
because of this, my mood is unsure
the questions between the two of us
it's me not believing you
thinking too much
[i'm] afraid that you've had a change of heart
because i love you, i'm afraid of losing you
love's weather is never certain
love's attitude is also in the midst of smiling and crying

baby i want to say sorry to you
to use a new way of loving you
because i'm too certain (that if i don't have you)
my world will just be a memory
everyday i will only face loneliness
it's almost too late to say i love you

verse two
from that day we seperated
[i] couldn't stop my tears from falling
thinking of you, i forget myself
if you let me love you, i'll be willing to do anything
love's weather is never certain
love's attitude is also in the midst of smiling and crying


if i can just meet you again, [i'd] hold you tightly
never seperating, i will never let go
i want to tell you... baby i'm sorry


4. blue skies

verse one
you're waiting for a day to fly faraway
i want to find a rose garden
love turns tears so sweet
because it makes missing someone certain
we use love in exchange for time
to discover forever's world

(i) lift my head to see blue skies
changing 10,000 promises
real love is just like the blue sky
freedom and existence never change

verse two
in your eyes i see the future
i'm at your shoulder, hearing forever
just before you state your promise
tomorrow who can know?
courageously face each day
fly towards your heart's desires

accompany me in watching the blue skies
what you are thinking in your heart will be understood
hold onto the shooting stars passing by
this feeling will last until forever


5. loving too much

doesn't matter how faraway or how high love is
i just want you to accompany me in searching
sometimes listening to laughter
sometimes the mood is too crazy
as long as i have your embrace
doesn't matter what kind of dreams i have
as long as you can love me until i'm old
[i'm] afraid that you can't understand
[i'm] afraid you turn around and walk away
forever is love, hard to find
love, [causes] too much annoyance
don't want too much annoyance
so, doesn't matter who's right, who's wrong
love, too much desire
don't want too much desire
just want [for you] to clearly, every minute, every second
know how important you are to me


6. retreat

verse one
meeting you on the road holding her hand
[it's] very sweet, not much like regular friends
sadness and pain
i've already loved you for so long
now i need to retreat
just giving you more is not enough

let go, let go
i don't want to hold your hand anymore
let go, let go
i don't have a reason for loving you
let go, let go
a person seeking a new lifestyle
let go, let go, you gotta go

verse two
what a shame you didn't really treasure me
using so much heart
everyone says this - that you don't match me
this is the last ending
at the intersection i choose to walk on freedom's street


love makes people lose feeling
sometime getting in over their heads
except now i can live fine, fine, fine

don't believe what your girlfriends been telling you
cause all i've been through it nothing but true to you all the time
i know you taking it for granted you know
when i said i loved you, i meant it
so girl, though you think i haven't changed my ways
i've become a different man from my devious days
so baby don't take me for a typical player cause i come correct with the words that i say


7. i'm still in love


8. unchanging promises


9. love is that real


10. a love before time

[pinyin version]

wo xing lai shui zai yue guong li
xia xuan yue rang wo xiang ni
bu xiang xing guo lai, shei ming bai?
pa yan zheng kai, ni bu zai
ai ren xing, cheng ru hai
dai wo qu, ba ta zhao hui lai
qing ai wo, yi wang nian, yong xing ai

wo ye wei le ai cheng shui bie xing lai

yong he na zai bu zai
guai wo de xin fang bu kai
bei ji xing, dai wo zhou
bie duo chang, ba ai zhao qu lai
wo ai ni
mei yi ye, wo deng dai
wo de xing, wei le ai
shui zai yue zi hai
dai le wo, xiang nian shei
shei ming bai?

deng dai zheng qing ren ba wo wu xing

wo yuan wei le ai cheng que dao yong yuan


[chinglish version]

wo shing lai sueh zhai yueh guang li
shia shuan yueh rang wo shiang ni
bu shiang shing guo lai, shei ming bai?
pa yen zheng kai, ni bu zai
ai ren shing, cheng ru hai
dai wo chu, ba ta zhao hueh lai
ching ai wo, yi wang nian, yong shing ai

wo yeh wei luh ai cheng sueh bieh shing lai

yong huh na zai bu zai
guai wo de shing fang bu kai
bay ji shing, dai wo zho
bieh duo chang, ba ai zhao tzu lai
wo ai ni
mei yi yeh, wo deng dai
wo duh xing, wei le ai
shueh zai yueh tzeuh hai
dai luh wo, xiang nian shei
shei ming bai?

deng dai zheng ching ren ba wo wu shing

wo yuan wei luh ai cheng chueh dao yong yuan


11. come and go well


12. loving you gives meaning


13. moonlight lover


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