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love letter
mimi rhiji (secret diary)

don't start now (english)
id;peace b (english)
sara (english)


1. don't start now


2. again

Back to you again
You seem to be feeling lonely and you are always looking at me
Always standing next to me like that

I do have nothing else to say; I am sorry
I regret it... yes, I did love your best friend
Yes, I did look away because I was not feeling strong
I don't know the reason for it but now I realize it was always you who comes to mind
Please forgive me for my selfishness
Whenever I am weak I used to tell you that

Never will I forget [you] whenever I am running away from my weaknesses
I remember the loneliness that made me cry so much

One day I opened my eyes and found you close at my side
Thank you for I am feeling strong enough again
Finally you come to me to find truth again
Is this a daydream or reality?
Tears come to my eyes although I feel happy
I love you so much that I miss you
Please stay with me so that I can forget all the pain I caused you
I will do my best and try it again for I love you; I will always love you

Shall I always feel sorry like a sinner
You wanted me to promise and I gave my word to you that this will never happen
I again promise you and this is the best I can do now
So believe in me, baby believe in me

I tell you how I feel for you as I look at you
I want you more when I close my eyes
I can see and feel you next to me and I don't want to open them again
This is what I want for reality

I am crying tears of happiness when I think about the obstacles we've gotten past
Stay by my side and let me help you forget the pain I once caused you
Don't give up on our love because I will try my hardest
I miss you so much I love you


3. destiny

Now I can't promise you anymore
I cave you a call just to ask you what you're doing and how you are
That's all I want to know

My longing for you gets stronger and stronger
The loneliness surrounding me almost overwhelmes me
I search for places to hide myself

Shall I call it destiny finding you?
Yes, you have made a mark on my life
I know that we have no future and that it's hopeless
But I will continue to believe in 'us'.

Baby won't you please, please come into my arms
Hold me close to your body and take me far from here
Let's fly with the wind that is fast and strong
I want you near, hear me?

I cannot believe that it's too late to stop it now
Come close to me and let me feel you close to me
There's no turning back
Where you at? Where you at? (Baby tell me)

Please tell me no more lies because your eyes
They always tell me when you are lying
I have already recognized your betrayal
But I still cannot forget you my love
Rumors spread fast and do hurt more than words
Is that what you call love? I don't agree with it

I wish our love would never find an end
In my dreams a faceless someone searches for me and a voice is calling me
Was that voice yours?


4. love letter

Who was the one who left this letter in the drawer of my dark room?
There is no sender and the contents are just three short little words
'I love you'... that is all.
Is someone playing with my feelings? Oh no, I don't think so
Is it possible that the one I adore feels the same for me?

Yes, I will tell you everything.
I love you with all my heart and please tell me you long for me as I do for you

Will you confess to me your love as well when I open my heart to you?

Please give me a sign and respond to my love for you
Because I love you so much and I will not wait
Let me feel your love and don't leave me in the dark about your feelings for me

Yes, I'm going to tell you everything.
I love you with all my heart and please tell me you long for me as I do for you
I love you and your voice that touches even my soul

Tears of happiness come to my eyes and I can't stop them
I feel you so close to me and I wish the letter in my hand was from you


5. love hurts


6. power

I awoke to hear your voice
Ever since I entered a cloudy darkness with no light and no hope

Ah, I was afraid to face my true self
All I did was turn around and escape

Feel your power from afar
You are stronger, heading towards that place that waits for you
Feel your power
You are stronger, open the door and I will run towards you

Like being trapped in a maze I cannot seem to escape
My regretful heart hurts and I am breaking down

Ah, I cannot just wait here now
But I must walk towards a brighter tomorrow

Feel your power, absolutely
You are stronger, not looking back, this may all be yours
Feel your power, which belongs to you
You are stronger, I will listen carefully to your words


7. let u go


8. don't start now (english)

Verse One
I've been waiting for so long
What I thought I had for you is gone
But now you're callin' me
You've been checkin' loud but you said nothing
When you knew that I felt something
Shoulda never fell for you

You wanna talk that game
But you ain't got the nerve
You're gonna trip on this
When you get what you deserve

(I'm over you)
Don't start now
The feeling's come and gone
You played me far too long
Now I'm over you
Toodle-oo baby
Don't start now
The feeling's come and gone
You played me far too long
Now I'm over you
Toodle-oo baby

Verse Two
My friends, they tell me you're no good
I never listen but I should
Cause you ain't right for me
Now you're stopping over every day
Getting all your stuff up in my face
And that ain't what I need

There was a time when you were fine
You were the one
And now I'm steppin out
The deal is said and done


All I wanted was to chill some time with you
But I never got a single sign from you
Had to be a player crimin' with your crew
Thinking it was dope
(I don't think so)
Now you're comin' on ancient history
Take a look around it ain't no mystery
Time for you to find another fantasy
'Coz I ain't steppin' with you



9. id;peace b (english)

Verse One
That's the way you see me
But it's not what I am, leave your worries behind
Now you gonna hear what I say?
Please don't try to stop me
Now it's time for me to do things on my own
Let me do it my way
All I ever do is listen to you saying that I'm just a problem
But now I know what I should do

We play together as one; Peace B is my network ID
Now I know for sure; I can make my choices on my own
Log-in as one; connect into my Neverland
ChooKaChooKaChoo! Getting closer in the name of peace

Verse Two
That's the way you judge me
Thinking what you see is what I am inside
Just because you think you know me
Don't know my expressions
Never tried to understand my way of life
Acting like you know me
Even though I'm younger I still know the way to keep it stronger
There's a bright new world waiting for me


You may think I'm young
I know you think you know what's better
You always think you know
Time has changed; that was long ago
Now it's time for me to do what's best for me
I know that all with my heart


10. sara (english)

Verse One
Boy today I saw you smile
And I wondered if you knew
That you were the one that took my heart away from me?
I can't get you off my mind
Cause I'm falling for you boy
All my dreams and all my thoughts are all for you

Chorus One
I feel you day and night
Whether it's black or white
There's nothing more to me
Than you boy, can't you see?
I just want you to know
You are the one for me
And I can't stand to live nine lives without you boy...

Verse Two
I don't know just what to do
Just can't take my eyes off you
I can hardly breathe when you come walkin close to me
I sit home and cry at times
Thinking that you'll never feel me
And love me like the way I do for you

Chorus Two
Sunny or stormy skies
My love will never die
I'll be right by your side
Run to you when you cry
Boy if you feel the same
Please come and call my name
I see me searching high and low to find you boy...

Sara... Sara... Sara... Sara...
Sara... Sara... Sara... Sara...

Crazy glue, stick together, soul ties, rainy weather... never seperate love like a flue shot, it only gets better, your perfrection and your reflection is what I need again, so I walk the streets again, until we meet again...

Boy we can play together let our hearts go free
We can always learn to love and live in fantasy
Even though there may be hard times
I'm sure we can work it out
All I need is you to love me endlessly

Chorus Three
Sunny or stormy skies
My love will never die
I'll be right by your side
Run to you when you cry
Boy if you feel the same
Please come and call my name
I see me walking like you always did before


11. dreams come true


12. mimi rhiji (secret diary)

I met you at my older sister's birthday party
[You're] so sweet, promising my sister
I nearly cannot breathe when I realize I have fallen in love with you
The heavens practice letting you know of my heart's will
[I] know that this beginning is also the end
So I only beg my dreams for you
Relaxing in your warm embrace and listening to your secrets
This will always remain in the past
Because in your heart, I am nothing but a cute younger sister
In my heart I can only forget you
I can only bury this love deep in my heart
I cannot hate you and I cannot love you
[I] use all my heart to write this in my diary
But in the same night I made the mistake of thinking of you
The tears coming from my eyes stir up my heart
I still love you, even if I can only sneakily watch you
I shall escape from love and from myself to always wish you the best
Loving a person is not easy and you often hurt yourself or go against your will


13. id; peace b


14. sara


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